Friday, September 24, 2010

Emile Cohl: Fantasmagorie (1908)

Winsor McCay: How a Mosquito Operates (1912)

Otto Messmer: Feline Follies (1919)

Fleischer Bros: Koko's Earth Control (1928)

Walt Disney: Plane Crazy (1928)

Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny

Chuck Jones shows how to draw Bugs Bunny

Tex Avery: Sh-h-h-h-h-h (1955)

UPA Studios: Gerald McBoing Boing (1951)

Richard McGuire: excerpt from Fear[s] of the Dark (2007)

Chris Ware, with John Kuramoto: Quimby the Mouse (2009)

Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

Discussion Questions:

Were you surprised by any of the content in these cartoons? Please explain.

How have animators treated space (or a sense of place) over the years? Describe different approaches you saw in the cartoons.

In what ways were these cartoons similar? What were some of the differences among the cartoons?